Best rated academic scholarship program by Anosh Ahmed, MD

Excellent academic scholarship program by Anosh Ahmed, MD: Dr. Anosh Ahmed, a physician and entrepreneur, has developed an Academic Scholarship Program to assist students facing personal difficulty in achieving their academic and professional goals. Three students will receive a scholarship prize of $1,000 (USD/ CAD) each based on their essay application. Students must meet other requirements to be considered.

Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Anosh Ahmed is pleased to announce that he has selected three winners of his Academic Scholarship Campaign, Javier Sarmiento?, Ishita Aggarwal, and Taylyn Carrington. Each individual will receive $1,000 to put towards their post-secondary education. Understanding the financial pressures that accompany a university degree, Dr. Ahmed is proud to help support young individuals looking to further their career. Read extra details on Dr. Anosh Ahmed.

Despite the difficulties the pandemic has presented, all three winners have managed to maintain exceptional grade point averages and are committed to pursuing their respective degrees. Javier Sarmiento, who is currently studying Digital Media at Buena Vista University states: “Though this past year with COVID-19 has been challenging, I have embraced these challenges and have managed to overcome not only every obstacle that has come my way, but also the struggles of my current financial situation. Getting this scholarship will enable me to follow my dreams and build a future for my family and my community.”

Dr. Anosh Ahmed shares how you should invest in your health: Anosh Ahmed believes that the most important method to help you achieve optimal health is by controlling your body weight. Many people find it difficult to lose weight, but it breaks down to simply taking in less than you burn in the form of calories for most people. While losing weight is important for many people facing obesity, it should always be done cautiously. A weight loss of no more than 2 pounds per week is considered safe and sustainable for most people. This could break down to restricting 500 to 1,000 calories from your daily diet while increasing exercise.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed obtained a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership before attending medical school. What has been the hardest obstacle you’ve overcome? The fact that I felt that I was in school forever between middle school, high school, college, going to medical school, and then going into residency training. I think other people that I know have always had the luxury of focusing on school and school only, but with me I was always running a full-time business and going to school at the same time. That balance has always been really difficult. Still, I would not change one thing.