High quality computer technology school by Thinnox School

Excellent computer technology school from Thinnox STEAM: Acronym for Think. Innovate. Excel, THINNOX was founded in June 2006 on the core principles of personalized education planning, real-world-project-based learning experience, and career interest-based outcome orientation. THINNOX 360 is a unique, one of a kind opportunity for high school students at THINNOX to participate in a start-up, adopt a cause, develop brands, and build integrated technologies and sustainable solutions around real-world issues facing local or global communities. See extra details at https://twitter.com/thinnox.

Effective communication is increasingly seen to be synonymous with messaging with the use graphics & action. This core concept is at the centre of the Animation & Live Action Film making program at Thinnox. For beginners at the craft and science of Animation & Film Making the AFM Program starts with an in-depth coverage of the fundamental Principles of Animation. For students that have mastered the fundamentals, AFM offers individual and team projects in a wide range of Animation Techniques.

More advanced levels include programming, computer aided design and welding. STRIDE Engineering foundational program dovetails with offerings in Vex and Lego based platforms. The program puts additional emphasis on demonstrating mathematical competency that you need to master in order to do well in an increasingly technology-driven world. Additionally, you learn critical 21st century life skills, such as collaboration, creativity, communication, problem solving, project management, and critical thinking.

Would you like to design a vivid corporate identity for a real world business concept? The Graphic Design STRiDE program is structured to introduce students to the fundamental principles of graphic design and visual communication. The primary purpose of the course is to teach students to effectively communicate to a contemporary audience by creating eye-catching products. Students will consider visual branding applications and design posters, a business card and logo, product packaging or a flyer. This program is structured so that each students develop their own graphic design portfolio and collection of work.

THINNOX campuses are carefully designed to ensure a friendly, student-centred, engaging atmosphere geared to small set of students. Class sizes range from 6 to 10 students. Small class sizes allow our instructors and counsellors to personally mentor every student and tailor the programming to specific requirements and interests of the student. The course offerings within a program is broad and delivery formats are as diverse as needs. The combination of personalized programming along with involved mentorship and keen career focus help our students achieve much more than what they think is possible. Discover additional details at 3D design technology school.